MyPublicWiFi 4.1

Use your PC to share wireless networks with anyone you want with this program

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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MyPublicWiFi lets you turn your laptop into a Wi-Fi "hotspot" by repeating your router's Wi-Fi signal.

Distance and obstructions sap Wi-Fi signal strengths. You can circumvent this problem. You may be the type who likes to share "everything" with your friends, or you may simply need to widen the range of your network to cover every room in your house. People have an array of reasons to extend Wi-Fi data signals.

Use MyPublicWiFi to quickly upgrade a Wi-Fi signal for free! This tool is a no-cost alternative to pricey signal-boosting hardware.

After installation, this piece of freeware sets up easily. Once you input your router details and select your sharing restrictions, you need only reboot your computer to extend the range of the Wi-Fi network you use.

This tool's settings include access-restricting options. These options can help you limit people's bandwidth-sapping abilities. If you use this tool to share your network with other people, you do not want your generosity to backfire in your face. Sharing network access with groups of people heightens the possibility of someone "taking advantage" and hogging your bandwidth.

To limit "bandwidth hogs'" selfish actions, turn off access to bit torrents and peer-to-peer networks in MyPublicWiFi's Settings menu. Settings changes are easy, but you must restart your computer to implement any change.

MyPublicWiFi extends network-range limits relatively quickly. Download it now, and enjoy more network flexibility!


  • MyPublicWiFi lets you share and extend a Wi-Fi connection.
  • This title provides a free and relatively easy solution to the problem of network-range limitations.


  • This tool will cause a network-speed lag unless you choose the Settings options that block access to bit-torrent networks.
  • Your friends and neighbors may abuse your kindness and clog your network with high-bandwidth traffic.
  • You have to reboot your computer to implement changes.

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